The Ozone White Technology is a NON-PURCHASABLE APPLIANCE! The technology can only be managed by our qualified Partner! All pilot clients of the Ozone White Technology will be registered in the database! Licencing of the technology is under way as a biocidal disinfection process and a complete system. Until the completion of the licencing process, the pilot program of the Ozone White air conditioning and deodorizing process in the scientific confirmation stage serves for the collection of data and their later use for scientific purposes. The manufacturer of Ozone White technology is the Security and Bomb Searching Agency Co. Ltd. – member of EUOTA! 

How is Ozone White’s network built?

National General Agency

The task of the national general agency is to maintain the assets of the given country, to conduct the training, to define the service areas and to coordinate the service providers. 

Ozone White Service Provider

Service providers are on the imaginary front line against viruses and bacteria. They perform disinfection for their contracted partners and individual customers using Ozone White technology while fully complying with the protocol.


Clients can be either  individuals or public entities. Upon request, the regional competent Ozone White service provider shall assist in the conduct of ad-hoc or contractual disinfection.

Key partners


What is Ozone White™?

The Ozone White™ Technology is a system created by the Security and Bomb Searching Agency, strongly supporting the general hygiene, which offers a unique, unavoidable hygienic service able to be checked real-time, primarily for health care, catering establishments, public spaces, mass transportation, etc. The testing of the pilot system is in progress in several countries of Europe. The first step of the beginning of our work in all cases is the status assessment, the ozone treatment done by us is controlled by our colleagues in all times, upon finishing work, all data on the hygienic protocol is sent into our online system, thus it is available for checks not only for our customers but for the entire society. The time, duration, location, actual scale, type of the ozone treatments can be searched at any time. Every General Hygienic Protocol is registered under a unique identifier.

The Ozone White™ ozone treatment is safe, free from chemicals and environmentally friendly. After the treatments, the ozone does not leave any residue, harmful substance, practically decomposes into oxygen and dissolves in the air.

Unlike other technologies, the plant of the Ozone White™ sends online data to the background system of the RLOD on its own, without any intervention. Due to this, the End User, the Machine Operator and the Manufacturer is registered in accordance in one system, which makes it unavoidable, real-time, is public and checkable for anyone.