100 Hungarian inventions and developments

Ozone White’s team has been honoured to devote two pages to our newly introduced development in the 100 Hungarian inventions and development publications of TOP100 Media, the world’s first RLOD-compatible disinfection system, that can be retrieved and verified online for anyone! We are grateful for the fact that Ozone White technology can be involved in the field, such as the world’s fastest 3D two-photon microscope, the simple but brilliant bike turn signal bracelet, the scalable nano-satellite platforms, or the solution to transform carbon dioxide emissions of fossil plants into formic acid on-site.

The appearance was also important for us because we had just completed the three-year research, after which we not only found a solution for the inevitable validation of ozone gas disinfection, but also created the General Hygiene Protocol. This way, we set the target of establishing a world standard for an in-situ produced substance such as ozone.

The goal of Ozone White™ Pilot 2017-2020 was not to create a high-performance ozone generator, but to incorporate ozone disinfection into a system with different temperatures, humidity, air pressure and other environmental variables around the world, providing guarantees against known viruses and for effective protection against bacteria.

One of the developed devices is an ozone generator, which has a built-in data connection with the RLOD system, and our other development helps companies that already have an ozone generator and only need the RLOD authentication device next to their existing fleet.

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